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27 June 2006



Looks like a great night out. Though the football was described by the Brits as the worst match of the World Cup.


Good lord, I forgot how all Slavic girls have fantastic bodies... Is this your first World Cup outside of the US? The last one was absolute madness in Russia.


Keep the pictures coming. Nice to know that girls go wild somewhere other than on DVD for 19.95.


Um, they totally dig this game EVERYWHERE, besides the US, of course.


Even folks in the U.S. are coming around to the game.

Can you give us some more cultural context/explanation to the whole taking-the-shirt-off phenomenon. You state it so matter-of-factly, but for us prudish Americans, it is a bit shocking.


I made the comment on the photo because every self-respecting restaurant in Kyiv also has an "erotic show." I don't know if prostitution is legal or not, but it certainly isn't stigmatized, at least in the city. Taking one's shirt off in public, especially if your rack is as admirable as this gals is purported to be, is not terribly notable.

The Soviets bled most religious impulses out of the Ukrainians, eliminating a lot of the body shame and prudishness we Americans cope with. Sex really isn't that big of a deal, either.

Someday I will post on Ukrainian fashion and how no matter how long you live in this part of the world, you can't help but think "whore" when you look at the average Ukrainian girl walking down the street, based on the visual cues her clothing gives off. I guess it sort of how Arabs and Muslims react when they see a woman without her head covered.

And yes, it is my first World Cup abroad, I think. I can't remember paying much attention to it in the past. I am in Warsaw so I will miss Friday's game, but Ukraine isn't expected to prevail anyway.


Very interesting. You know when the game is, who is playing and who is expected to win. That's the first sign of World Cup fever. It sounds like you're really getting into it now. Watch out-- it's contagious.


Are BMW's called Boomers or Bimmers in Ukraine? Just curious.

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