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18 July 2006




'We remembered how friendly and low key it was. It's just the kind of place Baku lacks'

It's just the kind of place plastic-melting St Petersburg lacks too. The last time I was asked for a restaurant recommendation there, I could only come up with railway station cafeterias. Well, you point at something in the cabinet that looks kind of OK and it always is - kind of OK. Which can't always be guaranteed on Nevsky.

Moreover, these railway station cafes always fulfil the very important criteria you highlight:

* No oligarchs, no devushkas

It is a pity that no one publishes reviews of the 'low key' restaurants many travellers would love to discover. For example, in St P's Baltiskaya Station Self-Service, no one stole my luggage while I went for an extended trip to the loo. Surely worth a Michelin star for that alone.


Ah, I have a place like this in Dushanbe. Only the food's not so great, but the service and the mix of nationalities and the prices sound comparable (it's only $5 for a good lunch). They don't serve beer, though...

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