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29 August 2006



Folks, please, these are painted during the Soviet Era. Stalin referred to his mother, who also beat him albeit less than his father and tried to get him an education, as that old whore. Yes indeed campers Stalin in his younger days was indeed a stone cold hottie but lets not forget the parinoid with the severe personality disorder brought on by decades of domestic chaos and child abuse. Whether or not he killed his second wife is up for debate. Not sure what happened to his first wife but he chucked Jakov Dg's wife into a gulag because she had the nerve to be married to his son who insulted his father by getting taken prisoner by the Germans. Jakov died in Auschwitz a hero while his father is responsible for the blunders(trusting Hitler to honor a promise) that flattened the soviet union and killed millions more that he did during the thirties. Let us never forget

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