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09 September 2006



I used to live in the northern regions of Azerbaijan, and I really enjoy your blog.
Here's my question: If you had just 1 week left to live and had to spend it in Crapistan, where would you go? Could you rank your top 3 destinations? What about your bottom 3?

Jenn Webber

Here's my questions -- are you and the producer meeting us in spain in december?


I am leaving for Rep of Georgia tomorrow. I have been there before and now I made the mistake of staying there for 10 months. I really need to start a blog site strictly about Georgia. Georgia has many great things about it like the wine is better than the stuff from France but somethings are just to bloody scary not to warn the world at large. Like the work ethic and the traditional customer service regimen of snarling in your face. Georgian women who will bend over backwards for a man no matter how badly he treats them but if your a foreign woman you will be treated like an interloping hooker. Much respect for your work and pray for my continuing sanity. I am going to need it.

How do I start a blog site?

Someone in a 'stan

Who is the best president in Crapistan and why?

For example, I have a soft spot for Nazerbucks because he takes the whole Borat thing so seriously (and seems to play well with my prez) but then again Rakiman's eyebrows are just so retro


Good question there, SIS, but I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole. Besides, everyone knows I am biased 'cause I have a soft spot for the 'bashy.

There's something to love about all of those knuckleheads, and, as you correctly point out, Nazerbucks has really distinguished himself with the Borat schtick.

And Lisa, check out (free and easy and only somewhat reliable) or (not as free, but still easy and more reliable). Monkeys can, and do, set up blogs. Super easy.


Oh, God, I wish I'd seen this before. What a treat on a Sunday morning. You forgot to mention that (as in the case of Tajikistan Airlines) when you ask airport staff where to find the departure gate (which you will have to because it is so far out in the ghetto), the airport staff will give you looks of horror mixed with sympathy that you thought were reserved for people who announce that they have terminal cancer. This includes the part where they look you up and down to see if it could really be true for someone about you.

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