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18 October 2006



Sir, I have read your experience, i think u come to kabul in 2004-2005, I also come to kabul on Aug-2005, when i come to kabul i have seen kabul like this that u have told before. But now in 2006-2007, the kabul is totally changed, and i am enjoying too much in kabul, We are going to market,we never face andy problem, the people r soo good.and we buy a lot of carpets too. In thursday night we always attending discos. and come in our place late night,Right now i think that kabul is totally change, And my advise is this that u again come to kabul and see this place, this is so wonderful.


Party on, Usman-dude. I was there in October 2006. I suggest you keep partying like it's 1999.

Tim Burnett

I am going to Kabul in January 2008 for 1 week for work and I am hoping to have time to buy a carpet or two. Could you give me some suggestions on what to look for when buying a rug? What seperates a well made rug from a poorly made rug?


My recommendation is to find a carpet that speaks to you and reminds you of your trip.

A lot of the stuff in the chicken street shops ranges from not that great to decent quality. I have a personal bias against cotton (doesn't last as long), look for tight knots (but don't get obsessed with knot counts), watch for repairs and accept you're not buying natural colors, not matter what the guy says.

If you want to be assured of good quality, go to one of the NGO shops that sell handicrafts. The quality is good (they might use natural colors), prices rather high but I usually don't like those places because the carpets are too perfect and lack character. I like older carpets so I look for ones that are not antique, but not new production.

Have fun and don't worry about investments or super high quality, find one that you like and can live with in your house and maybe has a good story that you can tell your friends.

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