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10 December 2006


Paul Goodwin

CB, I am sorry to report that this is not in fact a menorah. While it is possible that an excess of holiday cheer has fogged my eyes, I count only seven candles, not the requisite 9. Rather than being a touching gesture of religious pluralism, it is nothing more than...window dressing.

On the other hand, it inspired me to respond to your entry -- and tell you how much I enjoy your blog and look forward to new entries....


Mr. Goodwin! Nice to hear from you! Now, I know you are a member of the tribe, and I was only vaguely aware of the existence of faiths other than the One True Church until college, so I will defer.

BUT! I wondered, too, if it was really a menorah so I went to the source of all that is good and true and lookie! A photo of a seven candled-menorah RIGHT THERE. How's a shiksa supposed to sort through this conflicting information?

Either way, the question remains. What were they thinking? Do they, like me, think it's a menorah? Does it matter?

Let's catch up offline!


I'm an Australian living in Kyiv but recently, for want of anything better to do, followed my husband to Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he was doing some work.

The premier supermarket chain in that town in called Ramstore. The mascot of Ramstore is not, as the name would imply, anything that has wool and horns and vocabulary solely consisting of 'baa'. Rather it is a dapper Kangaroo (yes, the aussie native animal type), looking the very essence of man with his little bowtie. But he also has a pouch, in which he can very handily give birth to, and carry, his young! An honour usually reserved for females of the species. I guess he can also use his pouch to pack any of his Ramstore shopping purchases...

I can send you a photo for your personal collection if you like.

Oh and I agree about kyiv grey. I'm missing out on a beautiful Austrailian summer and christmas for this?!


I completely understand your "New Feature". The Georgians are absolute racists. My landlady hates turks, and anyone who isn't Georgian. The Georgians act like they love everybody but they don't. One woman I met told me that my Georgian pronounciation was too Armenian. And yet, the NGOs and embassy treats these people like their children and blames "Culture" for everything. These folks smoke like fiends, routinely expose their children to cig smoke as young as infant age. They say they are tolerant but a person of African decent who was raised in Georgia can't get married there. But they claim that is not racism. WHAT a freakin crock! These people sneer at foreigners but get pissed when foreigners treat them the very same way. And the women are angry and pissy but will act submissive to a foreign man. This place is so weird. Perhaps if they demanded rights and did some good old fashioned teenage rebellion they would be alot happier. The Russians may be screwing with them but these people need to get a grip or they will self destruct before long. Thanks for the rant time.


And another thing. Get me out of here!!!


Americans are also racist, they resent blacks and hate Mexicans, but just like with everything else real they keep mum about it and give you the PC version. Eastern Europeans are open and vocal about their feelings, both positive and negative. Americans keep all feelings bottled up, which results in spending billions on therapy. This holier-than-thou attitude gets old pretty fast.

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