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26 January 2007



How interesting that these wonderful images come up again. Seems as if the photographer has enjoyed a recent revival of interest in Russia. Last summer I was sent a picture by a friend from Krasnodar - actually a bit of a backpacking bimbo - who was doing the Trans-Sib and wanted to recreate a Prokudin-Gorskii.

She and her daughter posed as the 'Bashkir Switchman' - but converted the modern picture to sepia. What a difference color makes. But with or without, it's apparent that Russian railtracks were better maintained under the Tsar than at anytime since.

Bashkir Switchman 2006 - 1910

No, they didn't get the location quite right but Lake Baikal's a big place.


Cool! I really like the one with all the peasants working in the field. It looks like a propaganda poster.


There is nothing exptional, Ms. Carpy, your granny stole all of the carpets, his grandson had to start business from scraps selling mellons. strudel

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