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01 March 2007


Kim H

Oh.... fabulous post!! I now understand a whole lot more about where I'm living!


My gosh, you've just described Shanghai in the mid-90s and Saigon in the early part of this decade to a 'T'! Oh no - I think the fact that we've lived in 2 boomtowns implies that we are losers.....


Further to this topic, you might try to get your hands on a ditty by the Drive By Truckers called 'Buttholeville'. The chorus 'Never goin' back to Buttholeville!' kinda became our anthem when we left Saigon for Malaysia...


brilliant post, carpetblogger. have you ever been tempted to write a screenplay set in baku?


Oh, sure, Enid. Only thing is no one would believe half the shit that goes on there.

And, Robyn, let's not refer to ourselves as losers on Carpetblog. It's a positive space. We prefer geographically challenged.


yah!! i agree you kim... so it's fabulous......

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