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20 April 2007



I love the way that Vadim Bazykin ("a famous Russian test pilot") attempts to calm our nerves by telling us that "In Russia, people come [for training], they have a chat, and that's it."

Little Miss Moi

Dear carpetblogger. I'm confuzzled. Is that a model aeroplane sitting atop the tail engine of the don-tupolev? A reminder of which way is 'up', perhaps? Or just instilling positive thoughts on rogue photo-takers?


Dear LMM:

Let me see if I can explain this. See, that picture was taken in TURKEY. Planes go, and generally, stay, up here. When there's an unscheduled descent, it's probably because some Krazy Kurd got all 'jacky.


The ARP-410 plane is definitely an Antonov. ARP-410 is an airline started up by an Antonov Repair Plant in Ukraine (Number 410, to be precise). Aerosvit is quaking in their boots.


Having lived & worked in former Soviet Central Asia for 12 years & flown 1000x in these crates (& stories no sane person would believe) out of ALL the hassle & grief, nothing compares to the arrogance, bad service & awful flights that Ive had on Turkish Airlines. They SUCK
Sik Dir Turkish Air


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