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06 May 2007



It's even more weird when you meet people who have been lurking on the blog. They know lots about you, which you've forgotten you wrote about, and you know nothing about them.

I had a rather weird meeting with a guy just coming to work in Kosovo like that.


Totally! Back in the U.S. I was constantly surprised when people quoted something I wrote back at me. Yikes! It's also weird when someone you've just met in a normal context matches you up with your blog, which happened in Baku.


Twas indeed an enjoyable experience meeting up. Surely you didn't expect an old British Imperialist to show up with a cane and pipe? =)


lummee, has enidd not even commented on here yet? how remiss. (enidd really is an old british imperialist. or is that a type of mint?) anyway, she loves this post so much she's even come back for seconds, which was lucky because she'll be able to correct her hideous rudeness.

funnily enough, stalin is very bright, and fluffy is, well, fluffy. enidd thinks sending salmonella-ridden peanut butter to dying relatives is just the kind thing to do.


#1 Your commentary on the dogs was hilarious. I haven't laughed that hard since I saw a Lada with chrome rims full of goats last week crusing down Jafar Jabbarli Street. Whoo. That was a hoot.

#2 I scared the hell out of your husband once with knowledge of his life. He was busting into a hilarious carpetdog anecdote and I finished it for him. He later admitted that I knew it better than he and wondered aloud if your blog should be password protected.


*cruising* that is not "crusing".


The Producer often takes issue with the perspectives offered on this blog, so that's pretty funny that he's co-opting stories. I have pointed out that it's a free country (somewhere) and he's more than welcome to provide a competing version of stories he believes have been embellished for dramatic effect. Have you ever seen a comment from "the Producer?" No you have not.

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