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20 May 2007



El Toro hells ya! Though since we moved to Noe Valley we frequent Papalote more. So many good burritos in the Mission, so little time ...


I don't see Manti Evi in Baku on this list. Totally the best grilled food (lamb, chicken and beef) along with a bottle of wine (plus sides for 2 for around $20.00.) Plus a spray of lemon glycerine on the hands as a good-bye (or a get the hell out - not sure, but always with smiley faces.) Hands down the best deal there. Boss Man loved the Lentil Soup. Yes, the Pork Chop House is good, but a bottle of wine for 2 at Manti is good, whereas a bottle of vodka for 2 can have lasting results (loss of a - as in 1 of a pair- treasured leather gloves - not mine,) and I always avoided the bathroom there (I think I'd loose my dinner at that point, from what Boss Man described.) Suffice it to say, I'd rather piss on the streets.

As for Cairo - I pine for the restaurants in Baku. Cairo, so far specializes in crappy, deep fried food (mostly cracklings, little meat, super mayo-ed salads, "American Style franchise bland" and all the alcohol is "local" (Egyptian) - I'm (as I write) drinking Omar Khayyam wine, and can only obtain "Butler's" gin. I really don't have much of a choice. Suffice it to say, it gets the job done, but it doesn't make the food any more appetizing.


YAY Mission! We used to live at 26th and Dolores, back in the day. Lucca's has the best dried cheese and salami and ravioli. Too many burrito places. Can't keep them all straight anymore.


VBB -- gonna have to take issue with Manti Evi. While the Producer was a big fan for awhile, I never saw the appeal. It wasn't even the best Turkish in Baku BEFORE Sultan's opened (Star Turk! Intergrand Turk!)

Do agree about hooch produced in Muslim countries. I can't drink Efes or Turkish wine -- gives me incapacitating hangovers after minimal consumption.


I limited my choices to the city where I currently live, but I lived near an In-n-Out Burger for almost four years. It's the best fast food burger I've ever had.


wow talk about a world wide food choices!!! Kafe Bogatir and their pork really looks so yummy! and Doga Balik and their description sounds with a view...yum!

Ps thanks for doing the tag. I hope you enjoyed it.. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers


I think Intergrand Turk was run by Manti Evi's daughter and actually had some of the same waitresses.


Oh my god! I agree "If eating pork is wrong, I don't want to be right" Hahhaa... It's just so true. Oh you make me hungry right this instant!

Thanks for your list of food and doing the tag :D


I am so glad to see the Georgian restaurant on your list. My good friend is from Georgia living here in Turkey and the Georgian food and wine I have tasted is some of the best anywhere. Her mom makes an eggplant and garlic dish that just the memory of it makes my stomach skip a beat! The wine, well, the unique taste makes me want to buy the entire winery.


If you missed this article, it is a must read.
"Hookers, spies, cases full of BP spent £45m to win 'Wild East' oil rights"


You know I never got to Trukhaniv Island in 3 years in Kiev. I always went to Hidropark. How could I miss out like that!

Georgian food is fab. The Greek (often works in Tbilisi) and I discuss it quite often, since we are sadly lacking restaurants here in Sarajevo.


I never made it to hidropark! we always talked about going somewhere different but with all the uncertainty associated with life in Ukraine, why change something that works?

I cannot understand why there's not decent Georgian in Istanbul. I chowed down in Baku. It was cheese cone season (a super light, fresh cream cheese wrapped in a slice of cheese-- I almost fainted!) You're right, Bea, the eggplant things are the awesomest. You can usually get the same paste on green or red peppers, or wrapped in cabbage leaves. I heart georgian food and wine. I want some now.

Paula Webb

Good News - Laurelwood is opening a larger place just up the street (next to the Rhinelander in Silvia's old spot) so they can expand their brewing operation. Should be open very soon

Ayhan Enginar

Dear Carpetblogger,

Oyster in Turkish is istiridye.

Why not dedicate part of your time in Turkey to language classes? It is never possible to really understand -and enjoy- the culture of a country without learning the mainstream language. Elemental Turkish (not the one spoken in the streets but the one in the common Turkish Dictionary) has 600 thousand strong words. It is a very sophisticated but easy-to-learn language. After all, we have a luxury alphabet with every letter having only one predetermined sound and one exclusive letter for every sound. If you make up your mind, I recommend you to attend the Turkish courses in TOMER. (Success guaranteed, by almost personal experience.)

All the best,

Ayhan E.


Ayhan -- All the turkish I know can be attributed, for better or worse, to TOMER. Doesn't your last name mean artichoke?

Ayhan Enginar

Yes, it does. Congratulations!..

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