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14 May 2007



The Hizbullah shirt says: "For Hizbullah are truly the victorious" and "The Islamic resistance in Lebanon."


Thanks Ian!

I also have bumper sticker that says "Lebanon is not Ukraine, is not Georgia and is not Somalia" (??) And I have a Mullah Nasrullah keychain.


I came to tell you what the Hezballah t-shirt said but Ian beat me to it :)


Hmmm, yes, I expect Carpetblogger is now on the radar of the CIA, Secret Service, MI5, FBI, KGB and all those other "secret" investigative agencies. Don't tell them you know me because people already think I am still connected. And since you mentioned Georgia, why is it not noticed as one of the Stans, albeit Gurgistan?


you might want to go ahead and make an appointment with your oral surgeon if you try to war that hezb shirt to the usa....


oral surgeon? yah, right. more like proctologist.

Nestor Makhno kicks so much ass it hurts

Nestor Makhno fought against nationalists and was a bad ass anarchist and leader of an entire army not a drunk pole/jew murderer.

Account Deleted

What's the name/address of that nationalist bookstore?

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