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25 May 2007


Serhii Laskavyi


Little Miss Moi

Dear carpetblogger. I noticed you didn't include any photos of girls who work on the street corners.


Love the pix. Makes us want to come back to Istanbul! The wooden watermelons are probably the main part/bodies of a Turkish saz (guitar).


You are probably right, G! That's what they are.

LMM -- Of course I could never take these kinds of photos in Kyiv. Not enough industriousness. I am creatively exhausted when it comes to photos of women. Although, you know, there's a whole section of town that's the mothership for devushka clothes. I have to get over there and take some photos. That might energize me.

Vilhelm Konnander

Dear Carpetblogger,

Sorry for being somewhat small-minded, but this is the body of an oud - an oriental lute - and not a saz. The saz has much narrower bodies and a longer neck than the oud.

As you might know, there is quite a good music market near the aqueduct, where you can buy both instruments at much lower prices than would be the case if you ventured to buy them in Kapali Carsi.

Annoyingly yours,



VK-- I do claim to be an expert in many things, but Turkish musical instruments are not among them. I hardly know my baglama from my tar from my wooden watermelon! Anyhoo, this workshop is not far from the music shops on Galip Dede Cad. near the Galata Tower so the broad category of "musical instruments" satisfies my curiosity, but thanks for filling in the blanks!


Your portrait pics look a bit crap cause they're being stretched - when you click through to the original it is 327 pixels wide, but on the blog it is being stretched to 400 pixels. Maybe you can upload a larger version or does it resize the pics for you?
geekily yours...


Great photos!


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I used to fantasize about sitting atop an upturned mopbucket all day selling pomegrantes, sour cherries and cones of sunflower seeds to passerbys on Nizami Street.

Now, I dream of hoisting a pole of pink cotton candy in Istanbul. Everytime I answer mobile, the tail of children vying for the opportunity to stuff their mouths with my spun sugar will increase.

I will light up their brains with fluffy candy on a stick. I will turn their white teeth gold.

Thanks Carpetblogger!


Kate, what could possibly be stopping you from becoming a pomegranate entrepreneur? Don't ever let your dreams die. Reach for the stars!


And women? What do they do all day?

Your photos aren't so hot because Dave isn't taking them. He is available for quite cheap hire and I'll be happy to accompany him to direct Carpetblogger's photo shoots. We merely require two round-trip KL-Istanbul air tickets. Reasonable, no?


Robyn, you totally have that right. We could trade. I fly you here to direct my photo shoots and you fly me there to go to some food markets. Loved that post on the market the other day. I guess I should have written that on your blog, but whatevs.


Hello Mr.CarpetBlogger

Im interested in visiting the shop with the watermelon shaped shells. They are actually the hull that is used in making the turkish music instrument called the Oud, which is the arabic version of Lute.

Im a lute maker myself.

I would appreciate it if you provide me with the adress of the shop and which area it is located in.

P.S. lovely pictures

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