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01 June 2007



What are your plans to get some WMD now, or has the contract with Iran already been signed? I'm tempted to add, "we will do a better deal" but not sure it would be that convincing an offer.

We have a used Prime Minister on our books, looking for a new job. Any use to you?


Perhaps an Iraqi may ask certain questions to an American student

- Foreign culture: Why do Americans hate it?
- True or False: George Bush is the biggest terrorist.
- Didn’t you just have an election? So the Americans
have installed a puppet government?
- Does Kurdistan exist?
- Did you really think that the people would be better
off without Saddam?
(Out of the fry pan and into the fire?)
- Where has all the Oil revenue gone that was supposed
to re-build Iraq?


Oh! Oh! I know. I have a lot of good questions, having spent time in a country that we invaded.

For example:

"Under whom have you suffered more, my country, an opposing group from your own country, or the previous colonial occupier?" (This always elicits interesting answers.)
"Which would you rather have, your old life back, a new life as a refugee in America, or a new life in your new country but with power over other people?"
"Have you ever seen an American soldier up-close? What was he doing? What was his name? Where was he from? Maybe I know him."

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