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03 June 2007



Most of the ideas were impractical, poorly thought out, pointless or a combination thereof. The appellants themselves were usually corrupt, sometimes earnest but more often incompetent and almost always incapable of doing the job they proposed to do.

It's not just NGOs. Imagine what I have just been hearing recently, going round a certain country asking government officials if they would like EU assistance money! Sometimes I actually have said Do you still believe in Father Christmas?

It's probably easier to get terrorist money though. They don't exactly expect you to write 15 pages of a business plan, with expected outputs, do they? (Twin tower collapse in 5 mins, 5000 + or -5000 casualties, we need more money to do a detailed feasibility study first, then build a model, and scale up).


LOL! "If Al-Qaeda issued RFPs on the USAID model." Someone should write that - it would be heeee-larious. What are terrorist PMPs? How is sustainability defined? What efforts are made to increase participation among marginalized populations?

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