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26 July 2007


Paula Webb

Oooohhh, so jealous. I love England, rain and all. Freaked out by rain in July? You have been gone a long time! Oh, oh , oh, is that the Producer in a suit? Damn Skippy he scrubs up nice!


pity you had to visit in the middle of the worst summer ever. it was ever so hot at easter, if that makes you feel better. and is one of the people in the photo a carpetblogger? enidd wants to know which!

Pat Temiz

Now you know why all us English folk are relocating to Turkey.


vicar? yes, Belle and Sebastian associations spring up to mind


Your wish is are 1/2 english!


Um, Olechko, my Vicar reference may predate yours, by about 20 yrs.

Vicar in a tutu.

Little Miss moi

And is that carpetblogger in jesus sandals? Just a guess, mind you...?


>>Gin was the only liquor available at the bar.

I've always suspected I was English in a previous life. This confirms it.

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