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08 July 2007



Same in Cairo. We have a cat napping daily on the porch outside the bedroom. Since we're on the ground floor, there's not much we can do. On the other hand, the minute it sees the dog, it takes off. It must've had a bad experience with the street dogs here, I would guess.


Here in Icheri Sheher, Baku, the mosquito nets have proved reliable means to keep off curious cats. Two birds with one stone, I guess.


Here in Altıntepe I have to wonder if there are more cats than inhabitants, but you made the true point of this post: More cats, no rats! I tolerate these mangy characters only because of that.
By the way, do you know that nice screens for your windows are only 25YTL?

Vilhelm Konnander

Köpek var! Kedi yok?




As a screen alternative (although screens sound better in my ears) you might consider using citrus as cat repellant. A quick search on the web should get you more on it.

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