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30 August 2007



I love carpets, which is how I originally found your blog!

If you like Abu Dhabi, you can also buy Afghani Carpets at the Afghani Souk, out at the port. Of course, the money doesn't go to a scholarship fund, but they did have a nice variety when we lived there. They're re-doing the roads out there, so I don't know if the souk has been changed or moved. They also offered carpet covered majlis cushions, also in a variety of sizes and shapes and colors. So, if you're ever in Abu Dhabi, check it out, but take a male with you - the sellers were a bit scary, the rooms are tiny, they light matches and look a bit menacing - and that was before 9-11. Oh yeah, sit by the door.

And, there's no problem taking them with you, like there is in Baku.

Btw, I'm not "allowed" to buy anymore carpets. On the other hand, they really don't have a lot to offer here in Egypt either.


My evil overlord has forbidden carpet purchases, so those who don't live under dictatorships will have to help the poor women and children of Afghanistan.


They look great. And a good cause too. Remind me when I get this job in Georgia :)

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