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08 August 2007



Or as they say here, using the initials IBM - Inshallah boukra mumpkin (god willing perhaps tomorrow or sometime thereafter). Good luck - that's my favorite phrase.


OMG-- I remember that from Egypt. Pretty much sums up the whole country.


Hahaha - yeah - lower your expectations, because everything here is a toss up.

Pat Temiz

Uzme,okadar fena yapmamisiniz. Derslerinizi unut,daglarda bir koy bul ve orada kal - bir ay icinde cok guzel bir sekilde konusacaksiniz.

Apologies for lack of Turkish keyboard but you'll figure it out - oh oh just realised there's no present continuous.


My biggest problem Pat, is that I live alone and work alone. I can talk to my dogs or strangers in the street, but I just don't get enough practice.

And thanks for not using present continuous. I didn't really learn it all that well, which is why I am in Turkish special ed.

Pat Temiz

I really feel for you. I learned Turkish in Istanbul in 1969-72 when, you won't believe this, hardly anyone spoke English! I never took a lesson, taught myself from Mardin's 'Colloquial Turkish' and practised every time I stepped out of my apartment because it was Turkish or nothing. The then Jewish population spoke French but apart from that it was Turkish all the way. Now everyone speaks English so how do you practise? I don't know. And my previous comment about going to an isolated village was really not relevant as Turkish there bears little or no relationship to Istanbul Turkish (like Parisienne French). It's a quandary. And, you can see I'm on a roll now, here in Fethiye I come across so many Turks working in the tourist trade who refuse to speak Turkish because they think they can speak perfect English - and their English is crap. I've learned to walk away. But you really do need to make friends with Turks who will speak Turkish around you, it will be very boring for you at first, but eventually you will start to understand - it's the only way.

Good luck. If you are ever in Fethiye I'll speak Turkish with you.

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