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28 September 2007


mind the gap

yes, why so many mojitos, my fuzzy head is asking me this morning. It was fun. Delighted my dev heels got a mention!


Thanks for dinner too! Do come to Istanbul someday.

little miss moi

sorry I had to bail. The parental units weren't up to late night par-taying. I didn't realise how much I'd drunk until I woke up at 3am after dreaming about drinking buckets of water.


bah, enidd wishes she'd been there. mojitos too - all the raw ingredients of a mizz.

next time shall we all meet in san francisco? enidd can promise fab drinks in her local pub, which claims to be the oldest in the city. (it predates the earthquake, so come the next big one, you'll find enidd under one of its table with a bottle of potrero whisky.)

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