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25 September 2007



I've been a couple of times to Vernissage. Not bad but nothing special compared with our all time favourite the Radisson. Now I am no great fan of hotel chains (though my family were regulars for brunch at the Radisson in Vilnius). Our Danish colleague was fed up with slumming it elsewhere and persuaded us to go. We went back regularly afterwards because the ambiance was good, the prices were low (yes really, even though their cheapest room is 400USD) the restaurant prices are cheaper than any other restaurant I ate in, the service is WONDERFUL. Our waitress chatted to us, persuaded us to eat more of the food and drink more of the wine than was good for us. When we went back a couple of months later we were disappointed not to see her, thinking it was her night off. But she appeared, recognised us like old friends (hugs all round) and charmed us once again. Do go and try it.


Two things:

No discussion of good restaurants in Kiev is complete w/o mention of Pantagruel on Golden Gate. At least adequate service from the dev waitresses and the food is awesome. Real Italian food cooked by real Italian chef!

Also, across the street from the Radisson, next to the Coffee House is a small bakery whose name escapes me. Best bakery in the city.

That is all.


I generally exclude the high-end places from my restaurant round-ups. I've heard that Pantaguel is good but it's not the sort of place you go for dinner every night. Same with the Radisson, which I recall as being fine but rather expensive. Now that the Hyatt is open, the Radisson is going to have to step up. Everyone speaks highly of it and the bar has a lovely view.


Agree that Pantagruel is not a regular dinner destination, unless you own a Ukrainian soccer team...but their lunch menu IS reasonably priced.


The Vernissage was near my work and a great place to go for lunch. They understand the concept of 'lunch' and 'limited time'. Do a great, but huge tartare (you know, that thing with the raw mince and egg on top, anathema to the e-coli-vulnerable Brits). The Thai soup is great.

The Bellevue is vastly overpriced. Me, I go to Kiev for Sushi (the yakitoria is the best value)....

The Radisson brunch in Vilnius, last time I looked (I went with varske's family) has almost doubled in price. No value any more.


Do you dislike sushi? Or is it just that it's uniformly terrible in Kyiv??

If the latter, God help me, because my friend would like to go for sushi there next week! Unless you can recommend a decent place?

(If the former though, obviously not. I don't mind it, but i'm yet to find it at less than rip-off prices in London...)


Um, Marktristan, if you are going to Kyiv for Sushi period and looking for lower prices than in London, you may have more problems than I can help you with ;) Might I suggest a healthy serving of salo?

I have a policy of not eating fish where there's no sea and not eating anything prepared by Ukrainians that is not native to Ukraine.


ooh, I love salo :). Think I can wrap it in seaweed & rice and pass it off to my Ukrainian friend though? ;)
Thanks for your explanation of the policy! I'm now a bit more nervous, but I guess it's just gotta be done (...once). The rest of the trip I'll be on borsch and galushky :)


If you're coming from Bishkek or Yekaterinburg, I'm sure Ukrainian sushi will be more than satisfactory.


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