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07 September 2007



Don't they have better things to do?


Saw Keith Olbermann last night and he commented on this. Said she went on the Today show, in her outfit, and when she sat down, her skirt hiked above her undies! Hahaha.


Re: "This woman is dressed modestly by Devushka standards. Those are MEN'S shoes, for crying out loud."

CB, No one's looking at her feet.


first of all her shoes are GIRLS HOES ! Get over it..Also stop saying devuska standards...Devushka means Girl..Girls style??aat least learn how to translate from Russian to english then critique ok??

Hans Jensen

Yes devushka means girl, moire precice yaung woman. But devushka style is something else, is a fashion where nothing is too high, to tight, too low or too short. Russia and Ukraine ar hot countries inthe summer, the girls ar very pretty, showing skin is not frowned upon (it's not the bible belt), and I just love it. Married to one, Lawyer, very sharp brain, likes cooking and looks like a goddess. What more do you want?

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