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13 September 2007



Goodnes - that brought it all back. We did get used to the drumming at 4am.. we lived in Besiktas. The only downside of Ramadan was that we lived at the top of one of the '7 hills of Istanbul' and it was a fabulous location for slitting the throat of the goats/sheep... the blood could run down the hill. The first time my then 6 year old daughter saw that I thought she was going to faint! (we won't talk about how pale her urban Aussie mother was). In the end we decided we had the better deal - our friends lived at the bottom of the street in an apartment with an adjoining empty lot... perfect location to do all the butchering... we often would be sitting on her balcony sunning ourselves and trying to make sense of the Twilight Zone view we had!

Istanbul is a great place to experience Ramadan.


My name is Henny and by coincidence I stumbled opn your blog.
Thanks for sharing the ramadan with us. In the Netherlands where I live you only notice the ramadan at work where some of the collegues are following the rules of not eating etc. .
But it was interesting to read your account.
I will come back once in a while if I may

Henny & Gosia
The Netherlands


I lived in Moda but never heard the drummers ^_^

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