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28 September 2007



Ooooh you found Antony Gormley in Kyiv!




Facis marketing manager wouldn't like your post. Facis is operating and well alive. Facis is for Fabbrica (Factory) Abiti (apparel) Confezionati (manufactured) In Serie (on an assembly line). Your Google is ' marchi abbigliamento Facis '. Tsk Tsk, don't leave your carpet next time.

mind the gap

ergh that doll window display freaks me out everytime. I've never actually seen anyone in there either.


strudel is right, Facis is one of the most famous italian brands, I remember the advertising since I was a little child, so the 70s. However, also carpetblogger is right in that Facis was established in 1953 (according to the "Dizionario della Moda") and not in 1932...


Flipping rocks. Facis was founded in 1932 . The brand name typical of the pre-war period. Lately in 1953, as it happens, GFT (Textile financial group) of Turin, bought Facis .


Plumbing the depths of the italian psyche and why anyone in the 50's thought FACIS was a good name for a brand is beyond the scope of this blog. Anyhow, I'm sure all the Ukies who shop there do it for the historical value of the brand rather than, say, what the name implies.


Then Facis-GFT sold it to MediConf (Palermo Holding)

then Facis has 830 selling points and 320 outside Italy... :P

(i'm italian...and i'm surprised about your Post, i Know CIS is also a word that enters your culture...
but Facis is Italian... proudly Italian :D

mind the gap

is there a sense of humour failure going on here?


- Okay, Carpy. I have read you a lot of fairy-tales now. I told you about Cadum, Dash, Johnson Wax, Burghy and Conoco. It's time you go to bed. - Said Mom.
-No, you tell me more stories.- Cried Carpy.
-So, so, shall I call FACIS? - Threatened Mom.

Please, you don't look my side Ms. Mind-the-gap. Duh ?

Ladies and gentlemen, that Ukrainian Facis Ad really casts a shadowy light on Italians, but I am managing a little show of all Italian pre-war ads for you. Keep in touch, be back soon.


Um, yah. That totally cleared things up Strudel. Thanks!

Little Miss Moi

How can strudel be italian? I thought strudel was German. The man checking out his reflection in the window outside Arena is the best. Although, sometimes his demeanour is a little wooden.


oh, Ms. Moi, Strudel is the brand name wimmen give me 'cuz I am so sweet,eh eh .

(Btw may witness I am really an Italian chap).

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