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29 October 2007



Maybe you mean David Wu, D-OR-01? He's on the Committee and Blumenauer isn't.


You're right James. Blumenauer is CD 03 and is a co-sponsor but not a committee member. He is my congressman though -- I know that.

I also sent a letter to Rep. David Wu, who is a friend and former client, and had a short discussion with his COS (a carpetblog reader!) about the issue. I disagreed with his logic on this issue, but whatever.


Though I agree that this resolution didn't fit well with U.S. geopolitical interests and timing was not so "perfect," and it could complicate things in the the mass (or F*** UP) called Iraq thanks to Mr. Bush's cowboy diplomacy, it is sad to see how the U.S. role in the world has been so damaged that they can so easily be bullied by Turkey. This is an example of how military action in Iraq and Afghanistan has paralyzed U.S. policy abroad. I would have expected more constructive approach from you (I don't know why by default I think all Oregonians should be proponents of hippie-diplomacy?)
Have you thought about sending letters to the Turkish government and urging them to abolish the Panel Code 301? Or stop pumping millions of dollars to the pockets of lobbiests in Washington and have enough courage to face their past and don't set up a governmental committee to organize celebrations of the birthday of Talaat Pasha (who is basically the architecture of the Armenian genocide).


I agree Nanul. How about a letter campaign to the Turkish Government to get it to open the border with Armenia.


I have got a lot of letters to write! After the ones you suggest, I will write one to the extremely well-funded, extremely vocal, extremely small minority in the US, suggesting they devote their considerable resources and energy to advocating for democracy in their small nation, rather than profiting from its corrupt, authoritarian regime.


That's rich coming from someone who lives off the avails of an even more corrupt, authoritarian regime. Perhaps prior to writing that letter you should stop in on "their small nation" on the way to your next visit to Azerbaijan. Then you can judge.

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