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31 October 2007


Paula Webb

OK, You can't tease us like that! No fair! Do you like it better than Moby Karabah!


Well, the thing about Moby Sumac is that I have only seen it once -- the day I bought it. It has been resting comfortably in Hayward for the last year and a half. I may not even like it anymore!

Little Miss Moi

Wow what is it about cameras at the moment. My autofocus sounds like it's grinding metal and I have been too afraid to use it :( I blame romania.


My camera, recently purchased (May) is getting repaired as we speak. That's the second one this year (both Nikons). That's a pisser. Looking forward to the photo sometime.

Paula Webb

Hmm, there is always room for carpets at my house. I take hand-me-downs


Trick or Treat. In lieu of candy, I accept carpets.

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