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14 November 2007



Oh, this post was hilarious! It reminded me of my Istanbulu friend who was cribbing about how the Europeans are just plain prejudiced. "I mean, really, Bulgaria can join the EU and we can not??!! It would be funny if it wasn't actually happening!"


People are staring at me in this office becuase I'm laughing so hard at this post.


"I mean, really, Bulgaria can join the EU and we can not??!! It would be funny if it wasn't actually happening!"

That is exactly what I wanted to post! And that's Bulgaria. Can you imagine Albania??? Why anyone would ever think that these countries are more European than Turkey is beyond me. Actually, it's not beyond me. Obviously the people deciding these questions have never been to the countries in question.

Even the women in hijabs in Turkey look more European than Albanian women in cheap miniskirts. It's all so wrong.

Jim Ross

So I am told that the wine you want is from Lebanon... In fact this wine I have had and it is great


Why was Egyptian wine left off the crappy wine list?


Carpetblogger, I thought Roast Turkey was traditionally served at Thanksgiving Dinner, not Pork??????


And why was Chinese wine left off the crappy wine list?


Hilarious! We were in Istanbul last month and spent a day in Edirne. Out of curiousity we wanted to attempt a border crossing into Bulgaria. Reading your post makes me glad we didn't try.


I said REGIONAL wine.

And yes, turkey is the traditional TG meal, but everyone needs pork garnishes.

Little Miss Moi

Ha! This coming from the person who told me to expect nothing of Romania. Get the Ukie visitors to bring some Moldovan fizz. The short term memory loss wears off after a couple of days.


I don't get it either about Bulgaria, not to mention many horror stories from teachers going to get another visa stamp. Yes, former Soviet, reconstruction doesn't happen overnight or even decades? Bulgaria has far more corruption and poor, well, everything.

As for pork and wine, well, Turkish wine is overpriced for the local stuff, but I love Pamukkale Senfoni both red and white sweet Turkish wine and can be had from Carrefour from around 12-15YTL. Pork may be found at Macro in Akmerkez Mall or Nisantasi,

Georgian wine is some of the best I've had and their pork is marvelous!! I even brought some back with me. Their food is wonderful!!


What you really want is Vranac, a very acceptable Montenegrin red, on which I have lived for the last few years. It is best bought in Kosovo or Serbia where it costs about 4 Euros, (there's an up market "pro corde" brand for 6) rather than Slovenia where since the change to the Euro its price has reached the incredible 23 Euros.

And for pork products, a trip to any Serb enclave in Kosovo will supply you with excellent stuff. Might be a bit tricky after December 10, though so go early is my advice.

the Husband

agreed that there is some crap Turkish wine but there is also some good stuff, one of the problems is that if you buy from Carrefour the wine has not exactly been well looked after....Yakult is a reasonable table wine and some of the more restricted wines are okay if not earth for Pork, most Champion, Migros and Carrefour sell it, it in the hazard tape enclosure in the eat can also order from the place in Zekiriyakoy, can't remember the name now but there is a German restaurant up there that has their own for beer, well Efes is not too bad as lager goes but if TAPS is still brewing in Tesvikiye they make good alternatives which I think are on sale now in some stores...

elaine (bulgaria) stark

What an excellent read!! And i relocated to Bulgaria i have to say though i nearly fell off my chair laughing described at some points to a tee.

Thank you for making me laugh

Jayne no-longer-in-Germany

Hilarious... although I *loved* Bulgaria. Wine in Melnik was cheap and tasty. The beer from Shuman is even better. And the main roads were excellent. But maybe, after Romania, anything would have looked good?

Bob Beer

I regularly tell my friends here exactly the same thing about Thanksgiving as you wrote here - it's the best holiday because aside from a Turkey and a few other random food products, there's nothing to hype or commercialize. I was back in the US from late October through November, and the Christmas blitz had already begun; by the time it finally rolls around you're completely sick of it.

By the way, do a YouTube search of "Summer in Bulgratzia." ;)

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