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26 November 2007



This is just a bunch of nonsense. Turkey is one of the world leaders in fire safety. Just take a look at this and tell me that we are not.


LOL Abuzer!

Barbara Isenberg

Turknology! HA! That explains why I see people welding WITHOUT MASKS or digging holes in the streets without "caution" signs.


Is this somehow different from Baku? Is Turkey already in the EU? Why these double standards?


I'll tell you how this is different from Baku, Helene. If it was Baku, I would stomp my feet and bitch and complain until someone made sure my washing machine/refrigerator/kombi got fixed. Here, I have to do it myself. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Although, in Turkey, it's more likely to actually be fixed after a visit from the master....

Bulent Murtezaoglu

Something similar:

I especially liked the dedication of the second Chinese guy syphoning airplane gasoline.

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