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13 November 2007


Pat Temiz

Iste. Turkiye hepimize oyle dokunuyor. Birazdan yurtacaksin - sorry I don't have a Turkish keyboard to write correctly. I am saying, roughly translated "Turkey gets to all of us like that. Before you know it you'll be over it."

Keep taking the classes.


ahh, no, don't abandon us to facebook! :( or fæcesbook as one friend has called it (after the novelty has long worn off when you start receiving your 212th useless application invite...) You and the blog are a rare and candid link to the near East. OK, I promise to comment more so you know we're here and you're appreciated. Deal?


Oh, there's no danger of me going full time to Facebook (although I do like me some Scrabulous) and I'll probably start Turkish up again (although not at one of the language schools). I've just been cranky and annoyed this week.


You can always try classes at the Greenhouse which will also get you out on the streets with masses from the "other" side, Kadikoy, and let you see how the "other" side lives. No fill in the blank anything either. By the way, I am giving it all up because I am fed up with the harsh realities of life here after almost 10 years plus many before that. It is even more difficult to part with all those belongings which supposedly spell success. Hahahahaha, yeah!


I suppose the Producer would say that now that you're pissed off the blog will get more interesting. :-P
To put it all in perspective - would you rather be back in Baku?


Hey, but it's 18 degrees Celcius in Istanbul. No snow. Mishah's brother is there now with his family - and we are really jealous. Could you please ask the weather to stay this way till the New Year's, when we, inshaallah, come over for a visit?

Otherwise, I hope things will start getting better for you soon.


OMG it's the first day in weeks that it hasn't rained. Why hasn't the master come to fix the roof? The master mysteriously showed up to fix the refrigerator though! Things are getting better.

Anyway, Neeka, give a shout when you come for NYE. Not sure I'll be here but if so, it would be fun to get together.

And, Robyn, um, no. Only when I was in Baku, I had PEOPLE who dealt with these things for me.

Bea are you leaving?


What's your Facebook link ? I want to add you as a friend.

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