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24 November 2007



CB, the last three pics don't show up or at least they don't for me. Anyway, hope the Carpet Family with the Producer and extended family and friends, old ones and new ones, had a great Turkey day. So what did you do for "football games" after the meal? Just drink to the point you thought you were part of the half time celebration?


Glad you all had a good time.


Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving - are the refugees for hire? They sound most entertaining.(The last three pics didn't come up for me either.)


I don't know what the hell the deal is with those photos. I see them fine and I reloaded them. Are you people using explorer or something?

Bob Beer

What did you do about the cranberries? :) I tried boiling down the dried ones they sell here but they are so horribly over-sweetened that it was disgusting. So I bring them from the US when I go and put a bunch into the freezer. You can also put up the sauce just like jam but it loses its kick if you keep it too long... I got my turkey ordered from the local butcher in Istanbul and it was just fine though they don't give you the neck and giblets here; and at nearly ten lira a kilo, turkey is definitely not a cheap meat in Turkey! Guess I'll have to start raising my own. (Hmmm...with that and growing sweet potatoes in the garden, maybe I can make a killing from the expats next time around?) ;)

BTW I can't see your photos on IE but they show up just fine in Google Chrome.

Bob Beer

Oops, brain fart, missed the comment about the cranberries. A note on pumpkin pie - the big gray pumpkins they sell in the markets here makes (in my mind) a better pumpkin pie than anything I've ever gotten in the US. Canned pumpkin in the US is actually gray Hubbard squash by the way. ;)

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