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23 February 2008


Paula Webb

I thought Turkmenbashi was Muslim and didn't drink?


T-bashy was a bit of an apostate in more than just alcohol consumption, I think. Although, I have no idea if he consumed vodka himself. Chances are good though, since many tenets of secular Soviet life directly contradict, and supercede, those of Islam.


To be fair though, you also don't see many 1961 Chryslers or Chevvy's (or whatever the American makes of cars are) on the streets either, unless you are in Cuba - and there they probably predate 1961.....


In terms of drinking very old wine, this reminds me of getting out a bottle of wine at my non-drinking mother's house. It had been opened quite some time ago, quite quite some time ago - wine keeps, doesn't it, she said. It was red wine.

Out of the bottle came a rather clear liquid, which smelt as if it could take the paint off your Chevvy. Finally, from the bottom of the bottle appeared some dark flakes of stuff. Obviously these had once been the 'red' of the red wine, but calcified (petrified?) somewhat.

So, if your bottle looks red all through (unless it's white wine) you are already doing better than I was.


Cool looking bottle....

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