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26 February 2008



Hey new Devushka Boots are brown with 2 cubed heels, that is, 2" high by 2" wide by 2" deep. I also have black ones with scalloped tops and grey suede ones. I wear them with skirts that come all the way up to just above my knee. Bought 'em with my first Social Security check, so you see, I've been a Devushka longer than you! My Gramma taught me how to be a Polish Devushka from the moment I was born. So, if you do it right, you never outgrow it!


Hey Thea! Poles like to pretend they aren't devushkas anymore, but they are!

We call those 'fuck me' boots down here in NZ, but I think the implication is the same :-) Im definitely going to use 'devushka' from now on.

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