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10 February 2008



Non-sequitur, but when did you put the anti-monkey symbol into your title at the top? Has it always been there?

Iowa Sense

Turknology strikes again! A KOMBI! At least it isn't TOO cold in Istanbul! It is -20 centagrade in Iowa! And I hope to hell you have a CO2 detector in your house!

Melissa Maples

Wait, you guys have a heater?

Oh yeah, it's Istanbul, not Antalya. Forgot.


Yes, it has been there since the redesign done over a year ago.....


so it was more than the pilot light then?


Yes it was. It required the services of the master that cost 85 YTL.

Hey, I'll see you sunday!?


I can confirm that it's damn freezin' in Des Moines, Iowa, and colder elsewhere in the state. Do you have ties here that you would mention such an obscure state?? Gecmis olsun on the kombi. I no longer have one of those. It might be cold here, but I have lots of hot water on demand even after several people take showers. Aaahhh.

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