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05 February 2008


Baku Steve

These so-called "caucasuses" are a complete fraud. I've lived in the Caucasus for 4 years and I've never seen a single one.

the Husband

I guess the reason Europeans like to pass judgment is that while the Belgian President can only aspire to wipe the human race of the face of the planet by gorging them on Poirot, beer and chocolates the Prez can do it by pushing a in the modern age of instant news and views and given Americas role as worldwide cop and bringer of sub-prime woes and single handedly putting the world economy on the brink of recession because of it ..... of course people are going to have an opinion.


In 2008, I want a president who can speak in complete sentences, pronounce nuclear, and use the correct tense. Talk about lowered expectations.

Paul Lawrence

(disappointed you don't accept html on this - don't you want my post with links to all my amazingly clever posts, websites and other valuable resources for promoting democracy and Obama for President?)

While I deeply respect the Carpetblogger, I cannot endorse your endorsement. I share your cynicism, but am slightly drunk with hope, and not the one in Arkansas. No, I don't like this the feeling. I don't like being a fool. I hate being weak in the knees and generally avoid being moved by a politician, particularly an American one. But it has happened. I am very moved. I am guilty, even knowing better, for being caught up by an "inspirational message of change and unity". I even hate that I like that ridiculous BEP video. God, I have lost it!

First, I don't want another snake. W had far too many.

Second, guilty of being a fool and don't care. I never looked to presidential politics for inspiration (except in Azerbaijan), but this year, there happens to be a very inspiring dude running for president. Go figure.

Third, we have different opinions about Bill. I have grown to really dislike him over the past weeks. And what about that story in Kazakhstan? Have you commented on that yet?

Finally, unfucking things requires someone who can talk about politics. No republican is going to talk politics with Clinton. They are going to talk about anything but politics. Plus, I think Obama knows as well as you that the world needs unfucking. He won't get distracted.

But I do love your turn of phrase. We need to unfuck things, indeed.


Do you know that Bush is of Turkish descent, BBC revealed that this week...sorry...
The first time I moved to the USA, LA, was end October 1980, just before Reagan became president. The second time was September 1988, and saw the Rep's in NYC celebrating that Bush Sr. won the elections. The third time, for a long stay in the USA was Augustus 2000, yes, Miami. And saw the battles with my own eyes how Bush Jr. stole the elections.
No, I don't have any plans to move even in the direction of North America by the end of this year..)

the Husband have a link about the Bush being turkish article...


Thanks for the entertaining insight into American politics - I'll come to Carpetblog in future when I want to figure out what's going on, because already I run in the opposite direction when the daily updates on US campaigning litter my screen.

Iowa Sense

Wow nostoligia for the wonderful 90's. 1993 the 1st WTC attack. Seems like they hated us then. 1996 Kohbar towers attack. Another love fest there. 1998 coordinated American Embassy attacks in Tanzania and Kenya. Fun fun times. 2000, USS Cole attack in Yemen. Happy happy joy joy. And what was Saint Clinton doing in office? Writing budgets to increase spending on training and equipment for the US Military? Authorizing full scale attacks on terrorist strongholds? No no noooo NO. Just fire off cruise missles to be able to say he did SOMETHING. And apparently those weren't the missles he was most concerned with firing off. (sorry can't slam Clinton without making a veiled oral sex joke). That and he decided to make sure that Chinese companies could buy American missle technology! And now, surprise surprise, the ChiCom are testing weapons in space! That and their balistic missles are WAY more accurate!
I am not happy with any of the candidates running for office. I would prefer Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinic to run together as independents. Doesn't matter which one for pres, they are both insane and would really shake up the system.
But I am happy to see the democrats actually managing to destroy each other enough for me to have hope that John McCain can win. Why do you always set yourselves up for failure? Already the democrats I read online, speak with in person and especially on TV have "THE" attitude. You know what I am talking about. The attitude of "we can't POSSIBLY lose THIS presidential election". I saw the same attitude in 2000 and 2004. Don't get me wrong, you should not lose this one. But every day I become more hopeful that you will. A lot of America still has a lot of latent sexism and even more latent racism. And while that is not a good thing, it is working in the Republicans favor this year. You have chosen a polarizing woman and a black man as your main candidates. Good luck with that!


The Israelis are also obsessed with the US Presidential election. As for me, I am not particularly enthused with any of the candidates. So am ignoring it as much as I can, in the hope that this will make it go away....


Vote CarpetBlogger. It's worth it just for the bumper stickers with variations on "UnFuck Yourself in '08!"

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