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23 February 2008



Sounds rather like the museum in Prague (in respect to the lack of organization and descriptions, not to the focus on Stalin).

But then, I grew up with the Smithsonian. Kind of spoiled me for everywhere else, to the extent that I was at the British Museum and found myself going around and saying to myself "well, it is nice, I suppose. But it is not the Smithsonian".

Why don't you get a carpet with your face on it? That would be a cool addition to your collection, no?

James Vincent

Glad to hear the Stalin museum in Gori still stands. I went there with a Turkish friend of mine in 2005. The building itself was quite awesome, I thought, and I remember being terribly impressed with his original house being left preserved like that. Glass of water on the bedside table and everything.

We were the only ones in the museum. When we got there, we were encouraged to pay for the guided tour, which we politely refused, but one of the staff followed us around and pointed things out to us anyway. That final room with the only undoctored photo of the man sticks in my mind. Boy did our dictator friend have pockmarks.

Not that I'm judging, or anything.


Pockmarks Schmockmarks. I know it's politically incorrect to admire the physical attractiveness of genocidal dictators, but my visit to the shrine in Batumi revealed and the visit to the Gori museum confirmed, young Stalin was H.O.T.

Every time a friend gets married, Gila, we say "let's get them a face carpet!" but then we hear it's $600 and say, "we like them, but not that much."

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