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09 March 2008


Onnik Krikorian

Hmmm, you're obviously not a Star Wars fan, I think. ;-)

Still, I get your point when you consider the rich cultural and architectural heritage of the South Caucasus as well as the obscene disparity in wealth and property in the region.

However, as someone who remembers excitedly seeing Star Wars at the cinema when he was 7, I do kind of think it's kinda cool.

In a perverse sort of way, I admit...


Onnik, there are two types of people in the world: people who like Star Wars, Star Trek and fairy movies about elves and midgets and wizards, and people who do not. This is a major schism in the carpetblog marriage.

As the only 7 year old who didn't see Star Wars in the cinema, it was my first -- and not last -- exposure to social ostracism.


I am Lord Vader ... Sir Lord von Baderhan, I run the Death Star ... this is the fucking Death Star I run it!!!


It looks like a nice hotel, but Star Wars themed? Oh please...(am I the only nerd in the world who hates Star Wars?!)

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