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16 April 2008


Paula Webb

Priceless! I would post more but I am laughing too hard!

Bulent Murtezaoglu

There used to be a "Hard On Cafe" in Bebek. Perhaps it's still there. Google finds some listings:


Lol! Aroma Cafe in Baku used to run ads in the English paper "Walk Until You Come At Aroma Cafe"


OUTSTANDING! That has made my day....


It's free publicity.

Doctor Mick

The irony is that this pub is one of the few in Baku that don't actually allow slappers in to ply their trade. It's not that the unmarried British lady owner is afraid of competition but rather that it is a small pub and the sequinned girls would only take up floor space which is better occupied by big-bellied beer swilling Brits who come to watch the football.

Doctor Mick


The sign is now down and the pub is called "Amanda's". Unfortunately the landlady in respect and deference to Azerbaijani law would not call it the Policeman's Helmet.


The CamelToe was always a shit bar, no matter what it was called. The name was chosen by Amanda to be deliberately provocative and was thought by some to be funny. The sort of people who laugh at physical handicaps and mental illness.
Amanda has now drunk herself to somewhere else and the place has changed hands. It's now called the Office. Perhaps Orifice would be more appropriate. In fact in the beginning it had no name at all, which fitted perfectly

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