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18 April 2008


Red State Sibling

I don't think "Red State Sibling" connotes my political allegiances properly.

"Someone should check into the correlation between the women working in the handicraft market and the higher number of women working in regular bazaars."

I have an idea - how about you check into it?


I loved Bursa, when I had been there a couple of days in 1997. I remember Turkish students helping me in perfect German to find my way to the Post Office (ha, ha, the good old days of the ordinary post cards).

I really think it's a great city to spent a couple of days.

Newcastle carpet cleaner

I've still never made it out to Turkey, but this certainly gives a great insight into the place. I'm hoping to make it to Istambul in the not too distant future to visit friends who work out there, so maybe I'll give Bursa a shot as well now i know something about it.

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