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21 May 2008



Love that he linked to your camel toe post in his slate article!


Be prepared for a rude awakening here in the states. Ouch!! High gas, high food, but lots of sales to take your dollar.

Little Miss Moi

Have fun. Is it your birthday? Did the Producer come through with the impersonator?


I'ts the curse of being back home far from exotic places. But do not forget that Usa is an exotic place for the rest of the world. Tell us about the tragedy of Blondie, who must take the bus to go downtown, because her luxury car guzzled all her money. Add pics of Blondie preserving her nose from smells with a French scent, on board of bus 345A.


Bon Voyage and Happy Birthday. Hope the trip kindles the creative juices.


40. Forty. Damn. I think you should come up here and drink good beer and eat Alaska cheese made from real cows. Have fun down below. Wish we could coordinate enough to see you and the Producer.


I'd love to come to your yard sale, to say hi. Will you post where it will be? I'm a fan of your writing, and used your blog to persuade two friends to go to Istanbul with me in the fall. That sounds kind of stalker-ish, but seriously, it'd be a shame to realize you were on, like Division and 30th having a yard sale and I missed it.


Heh. Yard sale was last weekend, but it was in NE Pdx (Rose City). Sorry you missed it! But you will love Istanbul and I'm glad you decided to go. Everyone always loves it!

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