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22 June 2008


Baku Steve

Bennie Bhutto headed Pakistan twice (OK she was the PM, not President)


and she was, you know, "elected."

Ali Aliyev

You can thank Zeyno Baran (wife of the US's next ambassador to Azerbaijan, and "think" tank flak for the Azeri government) for this fine piece of placing.


What about Tansu Ciller - elected Prime Minister of Turkey in 1993?


Mrs. Megawati Sukarnoputri was president of worlds largest Muslim country, Indonesia, elected tough by nepotism means...


If people want to really know that truth about Mehriban and her "Royal" family this youtube video is perfect...


In the country of Azerbaijan, Minister of Finance Samir Sharifov and Azerbaijan First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva are corrupt and commit crimes against humanity and the people.
Aliyeva and Sharifov have a kickback scheme in place. Sharifov runs the government’s finances, and Aliyeva’s family has powerful hold on Azerbaijan big business. Sharifov and Aliyeva take money from programs for children and the poor.

According to Samir Sharifov Wikipedia page at, "The United States is encouraging Aliyev to appoint Samir Sharifov to be ... as a governor for Azerbaijan, clearly indicate a pattern of corruption."

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