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02 September 2008



In the movie Juno, a character says "Ah, Phuket, Thailand!" which was translated into the Polish subtitles as "A, Kurwastan!"


LOL! That's hilarious.



Carpetblog: answering questions you didn't know you had for a couple years now.

Really cool post. What a formidable trivial pursuit opponent you must be.


Carpetblog, as usual, comes up with the answers to the tough questions. From the ancestor, no less.
I would like answers to the VP conundrum, now.


I'm afraid you got Baltistan wrong. Baltistan is clearly the district of Sparkbrook in Birmingham where all the really authentic Balti restaurants in the UK are to be found. Of course the people who run them may well come from Kashmir, but that's another story.

Leigh Newton

Then there's Gobustan, out of Baku, where the petroglyphs are, near the mud-volcanoes.


how could you miss Elbistan, the small city in Kahramanmaras province? Even the simpsons remembered Kahramanmaras

it even has its own wiki

shame on you carpetblogger for giving us this incomplete list...

Just joking

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