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07 October 2008



Probably I will throw a party, Republicans are welcome, we can use them to throw them over our balcony...we are speaking about an orgy or not?.)
Here the, in my opinion, best prognose:
Salut Obama! The world is waiting for you.)


That was a very bad prognosis. The election isn't over until the voting stops. No matter what the media tells you. I remember a couple of elections where all the democrats I talked too said "We can't possibly lose!" Let me recall, yea those were in 2000 and 2004. D'oh! The "inclusive" Democrats say "we can throw them off the balcony". Really? You and what army? Perhaps the EU army? LOL. I thought democrats wanted peace above all else? Why does Obama want to pull our troops out of Iraq before he pulls them out of places like Germany, England, Italy, South Korea, and Japan? Is it because he hates Moslems? We kept troops in Europe for 50 years to keep it stable. And statistically more US military died doing that than have in Iraq. We would like a check for that, from the EU by the way. $700 Billion would do nicely.

Salut Barack Hussein Obama, the world is waiting for you. So please go and run for king of the World. They like socialism! Perhaps he could select Leo DiCaprio as running mate for that? We in the USA would prefer to keep our Republic thanks!
It is terrible we just socialized most of the banking industry. Under BO it will stay socialized. Along with health care and any education that isn't already. And yes I do realize we can lose. But Democrats are great at snatching defeat out of the mouth of victory. I can only do what I can to work against that eventuality. And if we lose, we will continue to fight for America.

Am I monologing again? I hate it when I do that.


Yes Roy, terrorist socialist black muslim arabs are out there to get you. It must really be a terrible time for you as not only the overwhelming majority of the free world wants a dem in office , it appears like more than half of your country agrees with them.

BTW, Huseyin is a common name , not a slur in the country where the owner of this blog lives. Food for thought.


Yes Roy, the USA is leading the world again...into a financial disaster.)
Your healthcare stinks and your 'general' educational system is idiotry.
Europe is paying for decades your credit card you need basic economics lesons.)



I rather like the USA's healthcare. We have the world's best surgeons; there are MRI machines on every street corner; pharmacies are stocked with the best medicines; hostpitals are obligated to treat emergency patients; churches and government provide free or low-cost clinics in nearly every city; etc. My daughter got very ill in Istanbul - we took her to the American Hospital...



ops...TM, I lived in the USA 3 times: Irvine Ca, NYC, and Miami.
Last time I visited a doctor in the USA I had to pay 7.000 US upfront for a simple dental issue.
He, in Europe we threat people, not asking if they are insured or not.
Main difference:
In the USA you MUST have a car insurance policy, in Europe you MUST have a health care insurance policy. And everyone who steps on EU ground for 24 hrs, get that policy, for free.
Yes, you buy away the best surgeons. But that doesn't make the USA the best!
Yep, American Hospital is ok, but rips you of all the time; I signed in for an anti smoking program, paid 800 USD, and suddenly, the coordinator didn't speak a foreign language. Turkish only...I know some but not sufficient...
And besides my native Dutch, you can train me in French, German, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and the Latin language as well..))
But these are alien languages in |TR.)
Now look at the financial crisis, and explain to me why European insurance companies are still doing ok and US not.

Next time: state hospital, they treat you the best.


The American hospital in Istanbul is American in name only. And it's a rip off, designed for Americans with insurance they can fleece. Same business model as in Kyiv, but the Ukrainians don't make an effort to hide it.


Well, crap. It looks like the Michelle Obama's Trinity church recording rumors were right. Someone put it on youtube, networks started showing the damn thing every 10 minutes, all talking heads are going insane. What a timing.


See what you have taught me? We are sitting here reviewing and rehashing the debate, hoping to God our Governor Caribou Barbie doesn't make it to the White House with John McCain.

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