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22 November 2008



I hope you can give more reports about Zimbabwe. The roots of its economical and political drama are quite atypical. Not less unusual is its bipartisan governement.

In case, we are ready to support Carpetblogger by trading spaghetti for granadilla juice.


Awesome post. Thank you.


You have more guts than anyone I know, and people always thought I was adventuresome. Bravo and hail to the goddess of experiential travel!


to call turkmenistan a being very, very generous.


Amazing. My aunt lived in Africa for quite a number of years, working in rural sociology and ultimately landing very high-level US gov't work dealing with the AIDS crisis. She was in Burindi during the coup, and most recently in Zimbabwe during the Mugabe coup. She has little nice to say about the place, despite her enduring love of Africa on the whole. She's back stateside now.

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