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27 February 2009



Only the day before the crash, I had told a traveler that THY was a REAL airline.. not like those Albanians. Sadly, I guess even REAL airlines screw up. Makes me even more jittery about the commute!

Jennifer Webber

But not everyone died, which isn't too bad.

baku steve

2 days after this crash we embarked on a 2 week, 6 flight odyssey on Turkish Airlines, mostly on 737s. I quickly figured out from airline friends that this crash was most likely caused by pilot error (not enough speed on approach). I prefer pilot error to mech faults. I still like Turkish Airlines.


I was on a Turkish Airlines flight leaving Bishkek after a heavy snowfall. While taxiing out to the runway, the plane slammed to an abrupt halt. I'm not sure if we actually went off the tarmac, but it felt like it. After a few minutes of silence, the pilot finally announced that they had missed the turn for the runway, and we had to wait for a truck to come out and push the plane back. There's only one runway at that airport.

On my return to Bishkek, about an hour from landing, the pilot announced we were diverting to Almaty because Bishkek's airport was closed due to snow. We sat on the ground in the plane for about 2 hours. After that, they took us off the plane, to an old Soviet-era lounge and held us there for another 6 hours. They handed out some sandwiches and drinks when we first exited the plane, but that was it for the entire 8 hour delay on the ground in Almaty. To top it off, everyone had to go through a security screening before getting back on the plane even though we hadn't been allowed to go anywhere.

Turkish Airline's frequent flyer lounge in Istanbul is really nice, though. Good food, lots of seating, massage chairs, wifi.

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