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11 June 2009


Jayne no-longer-in-Germany

I have an ongoing joke with some of my fellow aid workers who actually have senses of humor (a minority, I know) about doing away with UNDP development indicators and coming up with our own. For instance, I say that when indigenous Goth Girls or Punk Rock Girls are seen in an urban area, your work is done. I think TV commercials showing a culture making fun of itself definitely fall into the category of a development indicator. If an Ottoman version of Jeff Foxworthy shows up and starts saying, "You might be Turkish if...", and isn't killed, it's time to move that country up on the rankings.


Looks like the ads need some post production...


I loved this post. I have been here for a month now and have seen those very sights...

Turkey in Thanksgiving (eaten without being slaughtered)

Correction: The big bottle is called Damacana (not Damacan)and comes from the Spanish word Damajuana. (Turkish pronunciation Da-ma-jah-na)

BTW, it is a pitty you leave without learning Turkish, it has a lot more subtleties than many other languages, and is more suitable to make irony...

All the best,

A Turk

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