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12 February 2010



We've gone 3 posts now without the Spiderman photo. Just sayin...

Jayne no-longer-in-Germany

Texas is a big state, north to south and east to west
Alaska doesn't really count, we're bigger than the rest
You can waltz across it, though, so grab your yellow rose
And sing another song of Texas, this is how it goes

One more stupid song about Texas
For miles and miles it rambles on
Biggest egos, biggest hair, biggest liars anywhere
Let's sing another stupid Texas song

(kiss those doggies)

Pat Temiz

I have been in Syria for 3 weeks where internet access is crap. Re-entered Turkey yesterday and found you are blogging again - yippee - tho' don't envy you Texas. Mardin is lovely.

Gus Scharein Jr.

You don't know squat and it shows. Spent 10 or 15 minutes in Texas as far as I can tell. Moron.

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