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30 March 2010



While we most definitely have many a textile in storage in the US from earlier stints, my newly acquired ones from Tajikistan are nicely folded and stacked one on top of each other in an open bookshelf in my bedroom. I get to look at them every time I leave or enter my bedroom. And it somehow makes all things right in the world. At least my small corner of it!


Just ordered amazingly garish ikat from Uzbekistan, the mandatory 5 week wait is killing me. Love the old Samarkand pics of those chicks in 5 tonnes of superfly ikat and headdresses, looking at the camera like they suspect it's not stealing their soul but just maybe it might somehow be palming some of their patented fabulousness.


A post after my own heart (meaning expenditures on textiles and the truth you speak about hair removal)

Atilla Kosker

Ikats are amazing. I am a rug and kilim restorer. I also restore Ikats. They require many hours to repair. But I really enjoy and respect to weavers. Unfortunately this woven art is slowly dying. It is very nice to see people enjoy and respect the woven art.

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