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29 November 2010


Just wanted to comment - now that I finally have a blogdentity with which to do so - to say that I've been reading (and very much enjoying!) your posts for a couple of years now, and find them moving and oh-so-true!

I grew up all over (half-American, half-Italian by birth!), but I live between England and Tbilisi now, and I've amused far too many visitors to Georgia with your "How to Tell if You're in Crapistan" post!

Glad to see you experienced Thanksgiving in Tbilisi! I hope it was filled with walnut puree. If you're ever in Tbilisi again; let me know - if I'm in town, I think I owe you a drink in exchange for all the entertainment the posts have provided over the years!


PS: Where is World of Ur/Wine?


Thanks Isabella! WOW is just a couple doors downhill from the opera house (the street on its right, if you're facing it) of Rustavelli. Though I didn't even look into it this trip. I remember being annoyed by it on my last visit (though why? I cannot recall) so I didn't seek it out.

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