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09 December 2010



Dear CB - we feel your pain. Do you think this is being done so that foreigners living in Turkey will not be able to vote in Eurovision. Think about it: you cannot for the country your phone is registered in, so if you had a Turkish mobile phone contract, you could vote for anyone EXCEPT Turkey. Thus deceasing the chances that Turkey could win the song contest. I may be a conspiracy theorist, but my money is on this and not the possibility that they just dont understand the kinds of things they do that makes the EU membership pubahs say "ah, no thanks".

I wonder how much Turkcell donates to AKP annually, to keep those prepaid obstacles in place for foreigners. It's a captive market, and quite lucrative. Remind me to get my in-laws to get me a cellphone for Bayram.

Account Deleted

I suffer from the same but here is a solution.
You can get turkish credit card in Garanti and İş Bankası if you deposit money for that card. (they freeze your money and allocate exact amount of that money for your credit card) then you go to the vodafone or wherever you want and get a contracted phone number.
btw, if you are doing this to save money, you wont.
and if you run out of konturs while abroad you can use website of the bank to buy more konturs for your number through online banking services.

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