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27 May 2011


For the average buyer, I suggest you buy the Hali Rug Guide that has a list of suggested sellers in Istanbul. This guide is published by Hali, the foremost rug publication in the world. The Guide was published in 1997 but the suggested price of $300 / square meter for new production is still valid, in fact, it is possible to get new production as low as $200 / square meters as rug dealers are hurting. No buyers.

Brisbane carpet

Dan Renzi

The same rules seem to apply for Tunis. On a stop during a cruise, the onboard shopper-guy made a point of saying "DON'T BUY CARPETS IN THE MEDINA." He never discouraged any type of retail-isms. So we knew to take him seriously.

The big difference there is all the stuff for sale is emblazoned with stickers that say "Made in India."

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